Karaoke Machines: Component VS Stand Alone

Published: 10th June 2011
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Here is a great guide for those looking to purchace a Karaoke Machine. Basically, there are 2 types of Karaoke Machines available, each type has it's advantages and disadvantages. Below you'll find a brief descripition of each type and the advantages and disadvatages to each.
Stand Alone Machines:.
Stand Alone Karaoke Machines offer all in one convienience with built in amp and speakers and sometimes TVs. This is the most popular type as they are found in most mass retail stores. These Karaoke Machines are convienitnt, but offer fewer feature and usually don't offer much power for your performances. The Main benefit of these players is the ease of use and connectivity and portability. As I said earlier though, these machines don't have a lot of power and will probably not be great for parties. Stand Alone Machines have been geared more and more towards children and have become more toy than karaoke player in recent years. With the right features however, these players can still be quite versatile as they usually come equipped with a set of audio outs in the back to easily hook into your home theatre or home stereo system. If you think that a stand alone player is what you are looking for, here are a few things to make sure it has.

***Check or ask about the audio outputs to insure that the mics work with the audio.

***Look for a machine with a Digital Key Changer. They really help the average singer in that they can make those tough notes a lot easier to hit.

***USB/SD Card inputs are definatley more useful than a built in screen. Do you really need another TV?

There are Premium Stand Alone Karaoke Machines available, offering a lot of features and more power, but you definatley pay a premium price. These machines have been designed for small to mid sized venues in most cases and the power and features tend to be overkill for most home enthusiasts. Because of the added weight and features, these machines also tend to run a higher defective rate.

Component Karaoke Machine:

These Karaoke Machines look like DVD units and come with built in mic jacks. A Karaoke Component player`s biggest advantage is that they will hook into any speaker and amp system with an RCA Input. This offers a lot more flexibility in the power you have available to you. These Players easily connect to: Home theatre systems, Home Stereos, Computer Speakers, even most portable speakers (Boom Boxes). These karaoke machines may not come with power, but they offer other feature like USB/SD Card Inputs, Scoring, Recording and more. These units also ship better and usually run a lower defective rate than Stand Alone alternatives.

Advantages to Component Players:.

***Look for USB/SD Card inputs. (the world is turning digital, USB inputs allow your machine to stay relevant as technology moves forward).

***For more modern Home Theatre systems, choose a player with HDMI Connections. One cable connection make connectiona breeze.

***For an inexpensive alternative to a stand alone player, look at a set of multimedia speakers and an inexpensive component player.(I recently spotted a 13" tube style TV in a box store for $30).

***For those looking to take a step up, consider some of the package sets offering component units with an amp and speaker set, these sets are made for karaoke and give the feeling of really being in the band!

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